Romania Tour 2013

sado sathanas romania 2013

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We are glad that we will come back to Romania, because we are looking forward to meet a lot of old and new friends. You will be the first who got presented the new tracks live before we enter Germany and Poland. See ya!

Here are our tour dates:

  • Sep 6th – Timisoara (Daos)
  • Sep 7th – Petrosani (Barock)
  • Sep 8th – Bucharest (Private Hell)
  • Sep 10th – Bacau (S4)
  • Sep 11th – Sibiu (Rock & Bike Music Pub)
  • Sep 13th – Cluj-Napoca (Flying Circus)
  • Sep 14th – Oradea (Abyss)

Thanks to our support and promotion partners: Bestial Records, AXA Valaha Productions, Let’s Rock and Trasilvania Rock Society